Calling all restaurant owners!! Seeing a growing demand for special items on your menu? We make it easier to incorporate healthier options, be it keto and or vegan. Our smarter "way of eating" also helps speed up production and fulfill your customer needs. Scale faster with tasty options from WOE Foods. No special expensive equipment needed, no added labor and material cost creating something new.
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  • Bad Boy'z Pizza & Pub

    Grab a 12" keto phatCRUST topped Quad City style at both the Moline and Davenport locations.

    ~313 16th St, Moline, IL 61265

    ~4706 Utica Ridge Rd, Davenport, IA 52807

    Bad Boy'z Pizza & Pub 
  • 12" phatCRUST

    Nutritional facts doesn't include toppings. phatCRUST are made gluten free but served in a gluten rich environment. Contains diary and almonds.

  • Jennie's Boxcar

    Grab some authentic KETO street tacos. The phatSHELLS contain organic high good fiber, protein, and gluten free like our phatCRUST. Superior in taste and overall benefit to any cheese only taco shell.

    ~545 12th Ave, East Moline, IL 61244

    Jennie's Boxcar 
  • phatSHELLS Nutritional Facts

    phatSHELLS are made gluten free but served in a gluten rich environment. Contains diary and almonds.

  • Iron + Grain Coffee House

    Signature KETO breakfast pizzas found currently at their 2 locations. Keto, Gluten Free, High good fiber, and pairs extremely well withe their roasted in house coffees.

    ~585 12th Ave, East Moline, IL 61244

    ~1618 N Main St, Davenport, IA 52803

    Iron + Grain Coffee House 
  • Nutritional Facts 8" phatCRUST

    Nutritional facts don't include toppings for the WOE Breakfast pizzas as they vary. Contains diary and almonds.

  • Coffee Apothecary

    Grab a delicious Bronutz and ask for it to be slightly warmed with your signature smooth and delicious coffee. VEGAN+KETO makes this a guilt free start or restart to any time of the day.

    ~2571 53rd Ave, Bettendorf, IA 52722

    Coffee Apothecary 
  • BRONUTZ Nutritional Facts

    Contains almonds

    Contains peanut nuts